Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ok, Charlie Sheen....We've Had Enough

I have to admit, when Charlie Sheen went on this last bender and production of his show had to be shut down temporarily, I thought,'OK, another celebrity with drug issues...whatever.' Then when he started his media blitz, I thought it was hilarious! On one hand, I'm like - He's so crazy it's funny. On the other hand, I'm thinking - He'll never work again, but still, he's hilarious. So the fact that everything he did, from calling his bosses "turd" and himself a "warlock" was so bizarre and over the top, it trumped the fact that it was pretty obvious this man had some serious issues. We ignored the fact that there were cameras running the entire time the police came to his house and took his children away from him. For over a week now, people have been coining Charlie Sheen catch phrases like "I'm tired of pretending like I'm not special. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin', a total … rock star from Mars." That happens to be my personal favorite.

But yesterday after Two Men Studios fired him and he proclaimed that he was happy to be free, then climbed to the top of a building wielding a machete and drinking "Tiger Blood", the whole Charlie Sheen circus has become sad and strange. If he wasn't so damn rich, I'd feel sorry for him. At first, I looked at his obnoxiousness towards the suits at CBS as cool shit. People thought, where does he get this stuff from? Honestly, who doesn't wish they could say some of those exact things to their boss?...Minus a few phrases no one but Charlie understands...Now it's like watching little kid misbehaving in the mall. It's funny, even cute, at first. But as the scene goes on, you tire of it and wish someone would get the little brat under control.

Kind of like most of us feel about Charlie Sheen right now. I think we've had enough.

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