Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Not Me, Right Now?

For true success ask yourself these four questions:
Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?
                                                 ~ James Allen

I've found often times the people in your life that you would most expect to support your goals, dreams and visions with enthusiasm, are the ones who give you the least support. How disappointing is it when you're excited about an idea you have and expect to have the one closest to you be truly interested and supportive of your ideas and there is a negative reaction or none at all? Let's just say, they aren't interested. They don't have an opinion. Not because it isn't a good idea, but maybe because they're intimidated because they don't have any ideas or goals of their own.

Some people are content being ordinary. So satisfied with being ordinary that, to them, your confidence is cockiness. It makes them uncomfortable that you believe that you're special and destined to do extraordinary things because the comfort zone where they reside is filled with average. Average job, average house, average car, average bank account, to go along with their average, unfulfilling life. Perfectly fine going through life indistinguishable from anyone else, never brave enough to try and make an imprint in the world. Those are the ones who'll try to stifle your dream and blur your vision because their minds can't comprehend dreaming big. People who believe whatever someone else tells them about what's going on in the world instead of taking a chance to educate themselves and find out on their own. Their reality is simple, and they're content to live life robotic, going through the same motions every single day, making lots of money for someone else, not even able to imagine a life where there's more.

I'll never let those people stop me. They can kick rocks.

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